Fantasy Trainer – New Final Version 1.0 + Walkthrough (Full Game) Download

Release Date:
Game Language: English
Game Version: 1.0
Total Downloads: 1105


FT is an erotic click-to-decision game based on a fantasy setting (Elves, Orcs, Knights, etc.), where the main character (You!!) meets a lot of eligible single women (some of them are not single 😉) and takes them under his wing to be his slaves and/or servants.

Our hero has been entrusted with a recently defeated kingdom and must take control of the princess and her kingdom in time before the Grand Duke returns. The decisions you make will affect the story and change the outcome somewhat, but ultimately what you want happens.


  1. The game is finished, any further changes will be aimed at fixing bugs/bugs.
  2. All girls now have an ending and completed sex scenes.
  3. There is also a secret harem ending that you can get.

Download for Windows/Linux

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