Overgrown Genesis – New Version 1.0.0 (Full Game) Download

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Game Language: English
Game Version: 1.0.0
Total Downloads: 1247


You take on the role of Juno, an apocalypse survivor and trained engineer (shout out to Isaac from Dead Space) trying to navigate between a weakening human society trapped in fortified shelters and an outside world ravaged by infection.​

Changelog version 1.0.0

- The first game status is “completed”!

- Added a "B" ending that triggers when losing to ACE units in the last level. Includes new breeding machine scene + unique ending room.

- Added endings "C1" and "C2". It's essentially the same result, except C2 is inherently evil. This includes a group scene with all the female leaders + Juno (or without Juno if you choose C2). The condition for this ending is to complete the game without completing any civilian leader side quests or upgrading the shelter.

- Added ending "D", which is a neutral ending. You need to upgrade the shelter WITHOUT using the soldiers' favor (basic points only) and complete all side quests from the civilian leaders.

– Added ending "E", the "best" ending. All conditions from “D” must be met, plus all side quests must be completed, plus all 8 “Notes” items must be collected.

– Added a great EXPLOSION effect for killing infected enemies. Call me ArchGumin.

- Fixed a huge bug where you couldn't complete the General Hawk side quest before the switch order was messed up.

– Fixed purchasing duplicate weapons from Taylor and upgrades being repeatable.

– Went back and rewrote the story for Zara and Feinstein to make more sense, starting with Hamilton. Retcon text in the hospital, as well as reworked backstories for Zara and Feinstein.

– Added infectious behavior/masturbation trigger. Basically, if your infection gets too high, Juno will stop and start masturbating uncontrollably after a certain number of steps. This discourages players from accumulating infections, as previously the only penalty was rest.

- Reload timers have been added to weapons, which adds a small level of difficulty, especially with weapons with high damage but long reload times such as shotguns.

- Fixed morale requirement for university admission.

— Changed the sprite and portrait of General Hawk.

– Ending A has a unique and rather sexy BGS soundtrack added! Also added basic sprites for girls.

– Changed the Site 66 employee to have a unique portrait and sprite.

– The mini-map feature has been removed for now, which makes the game too easy.

– Added infection removal before leaving Brookside #2 during evacuation.

– Added four unique SFW “Acts” images that really give the game a more professional tone!

– Removed a switch that toggles when using the computer in the police department and ruins Natasha's side quest.

- Fixed a small typo in the "Swarm of Dogs" ending.

- Fixed being able to go up to the 2nd floor of the Suit Office after completing Billy's quest without talking to the Suit on the first floor.

- Costume faces and perfumes have been changed.

– Fixed an issue where Fort Patton B3 Lab could not be accessed from Fort Patton B1; Also, the lighting change wasn't applied to B3, so that's fixed too.

- Fixed a huge bug that caused the Dryad to go into harmless "statue" mode and disable itself when you were forced to leave the university and then re-enter the main campus.

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