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Game Language: English
Game Version: 0.71
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Powered Stranger is a dating sim that definitely doesn't take place in the Power Rangers universe. 😉 In this parody game, you will be a Stranger trapped in multiple timelines of a TV show, and your mission will be to seduce the female Rangers.​

v0.71 “Trin or Treat!”:

Animated to take Trin's classic handjob, blowjob and doggystyle scenes to a whole new level.

Expanded Kim and Trinh gallery (Patron Edition only).

Fixed some typos and name confusion (thanks to Dragovar for reporting!)

Fixed an issue that caused some animations to move all over the place.

v0.70 “Three-term addition”:

Three sex scenes (two public and one patron-only) have been added to Trin's storyline.

There is a funny scene added to Trinh's story where she wears a ranger costume.

Completed Kat storyline (no adult part)

The animated game was brought to life even more

Changed some variables, images and settings to make the unofficial Android port more similar to the PC and Mac version.

Changed the background of the main menu again (why not)

Fixed a visual issue where the zoom animation after kisses/hugs would not work.

Swapped the two icons to show Kat in a cursed or very cursed state because it looks better that way.

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